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Information - Passenger trains run from Cluj-Napoca Station

Cluj-Napoca Train Station is one of the largest and most transited railway station in northwestern Romania. The building of the station was designed by Ferenc Pfaff and was inaugurated in 1902. The composition and shapes of the building's central body are eclectic, with a beautiful decoration by using bricks of various shapes around the building. The edifice stretches along the first platform, giving the impression of an ensemble of three distinct buildings, joined together by generous lobbies. The façade of the central part is dominated by a monumental entrance, made of glass, finished at the top through a vault that reaches up to the cornice of the building. The year 1902, inscribed on the facade, is the date of completion of the works at the city's first railway station. The entire building has been renovated, both indoors and outdoors, in recent years, redecorating its colorful beauty from its beginnings.

From Cluj-Napoca Train Station depart daily to the following train stations in Romania: Bucharest Nord, Braşov, Timişoara Nord, Oradea, Ploieşti Vest, Suceava, Iaşi, Bistriţa, Teiuş, Galaţi, Alba Iulia, Târgu Mureş, Satu Mare, Miercurea Ciuc etc.

The train station is located in the north of the city about 2 km from the city center.

To get to different parts of the city starting from Cluj-Napoca Train Station or return, the Public Transport Service in the city provides the following bus and tram lines:


  • Line 3 - Railway Station Square - Str. Unirii
  • Line 4 - Railway Station Square - Str. A. Vlaicu
  • Line 5 - Train Station - Airport
  • Line 9 - Railway Station Square - Str. horn
  • Line 22 - Railway Station Square - Str. I. Moldovan
  • Line 27 - Gare Square - Cart. Grigorescu
  • Line 32B - Railway Station Square - C. Brâncuşi
  • Line 35 - Gare Square - Cart. dawn


  • Line 100 - Railway Station Square - Labor Market
  • Line 101 - Railway Station Square - Str. horn

Information - Train schedule

CFR Cluj-Napoca Station

Address: str. Piaţa Gării, nr. 1-3, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj county

GPS Coordinates: 46.7843253, 23.5864473

Information Services / Ticket Office:

Tel .: 0264 433 647 or 0731 990 518

International Traffic Information Services / Ticket Office: tel. (004) 0731 990 518

Public Relations Office: tel. (004) 0731 / 990,518

Program: 07:30 - 15:30

Sites where you can see the train movements according to your desired date:


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