Rent a car Cluj Napoca

In Cluj, there are numerous companies that offer rent a car service with national or regional coverage. Part of these companies we present below, with their contact details and their presentation site.

1. Rentanddrive Cluj Napoca

Rentanddrive offers you car rental services at affordable prices and to the highest standards. Professionalism, seriousness, and honesty are three principles that you benefit once you become a client of the Rentanddrive family.

Contact details: Andrei Stan: +40 729 927 770; Monica Stan: +40 730 041 216;  Email


2. BDV. Bestauto Cluj Napoca

BDV. Bestauto is a rent-a-car company from Cluj Napoca that offers car rental services at the best quality/price ratio of rent a car in Transylvania. Our company has a car park of 100 cars of the most reliable and titled brands, small, compact or luxury, including Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Ford, Seat, Skoda, Renault and Dacia with prices starting from 12 EUR / day.

Contact details: Phone: +4 0740 172 072; +4 0740 172 073; +4 0748 030 323;


3. Flight Rent a Car Cluj Napoca

Volo Rent a car offers small, compact or luxury car rental services in Cluj Napoca with the option to pick up from anywhere in the city as well as from Cluj Napoca airport.

Contact details: Phone: +4 0736 687 773;  Email: contact (at)


4. Php Rent a Car Cluj Napoca

We offer rent a car service in Cluj Napoca of the highest quality and at the best prices on the market. Our car fleet is composed of a wide range of new, modern cars. You can find us at the office inside the international airport Avram Iancu or at the one on Fagului street no. 76.

Contact details: Phone: +4 0752 012 012;  Email: office (at)


5. Rodna Rent a Car Cluj Napoca

We are the oldest rent a car company in Cluj Napoca. We offer professional car rental services in Cluj Napoca. We have a car park with new cars of the last generation. You can find us at our office inside the Avram Iancu airport as well as at one of the three offices in the city of Cluj Napoca.

Contact details: Phone: +4 0741 217 166;  Email: office (at)


6. 321Rent a Car:

The company 321RentaCar comes to your support and offers you the best car rental services in Cluj Napoca, with low prices, starting with 10 Euro/day and the possibility to take cars from anywhere in the city or from the Cluj Napoca International Airport.

You can find us on:

Mobile: +40 (743) 526 653

Viber: +40 (743) 526 653

WhatsApp: +40 (743) 526 653

Skype: rentacarcluj

web: Rent a Car Cluj

7. RINO Rent a Car

RINO Rent a Car offers professional Cluj Napoca car rental services at the most advantageous as well as a car park with top cars. Our company offers the possibility to pick up and deliver the car from any location in the city or from Avram Iancu Cluj-Napoca International Airport.


Phone: +40 (747) 725 134


8. EuroCars Rent A Car

EuroCars offers rent a car service in over 25 main locations and airports in Romania. We have the largest car rental offer, Special Offers and Last Minute offers in the country. In the city of Cluj, we offer 2 car rental locations in the city and another at Cluj-Napoca International Airport.


Contact: No. 10 Rapsodiei Street

Tel: (+4) 0727 37 37 99

Fax: (+4) 031 8145 783


9. Car Rentals

Car rental company from Cluj, Car Rentals, offers car rental services at very advantageous rates.

Car Rentals delivers and takes FREE car directly to Cluj International Airport

Contact data:

Phone: (+4) 0743 953 956


10. N&M Rent-a-car

N&M Rent-a-car offers car rental services for everyone and all roads. At the most affordable prices,

you can rent a car according to your taste or situation.