Taxi Cluj

List of the most important taxi companies in Cluj Napoca you can find here:

Nova Taxi - telefon: (+4) 0264 949

Diesel Taxi - telefon: (+4) 0264 946

ProRapid Taxi - telefon: (+4) 0264 948

TerraFan Taxi - telefon: (+4) 0264 944

Pritax Taxi - telefon: (+4) 0264 942

Clima Taxi - telefon: (+4) 0264 943

In Cluj Napoca, the ridesharing services of Clever, Uber or Bolt can also be a viable alternative.

Clever Taxi gives your app access to taxi drivers in the city in one place and quickly. Uber and Bolt are using private car partners to get in touch with the entire application. Tariffs for these last 2 services are below market price, both at night and in daytime, but if demand for racing is high, their rates may exceed the maximum market.

Pony Car Sharing is the first Romanian ridesharing company, set up in Cluj in 2015. The program uses cars that you can take and then park in public places. Prices start at 1.40 lei per minute and can reach 2.50 lei per minute depending on the chosen car. Please note that if the travel speed drops below 15 km / h the price will have a 50% discount.

In case you want to leave the city, BlaBlaCar offers a ridesharing service where you can share your car journey between cities. The more people in the car the lower the costs. A disadvantage is that you may not find someone to divide your journey with you, because you have to leave the same hour and day.