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Why should you register your property on
1. There are no additional fees for bookings made by your customers
2. Any customer can contact you directly
3. Advertise your property in a relevant platform for your target audience
4. Receive continuous support from an online dedicated team
5. Enter a network of sites that ensure the constant advertising of your accommodation unit
How does it work?

Steps for registering a property:

  • Open an active account on our site;
  • Receive access to our platform, the add information about your property;
  • Wait for a member of our team to contact you in order to conclude a one-year collaboration agreement;
  • Get the confirmation regarding your property information and activation on the website;
  • Enjoy the continuous support and advertising to your target market over the contract period.


  • is one of the most visited accommodation sites in Cluj-Napoca since 2007 according to Google data. The site is in the first organic search results for the most important keywords on the hotel domain, such as: cluj napoca, cluj napoca accommodation, cluj hotels, cluj hotels.
  • The platform is accessed by about 400 visitors per day
  • Of these, 80% go to the site as a result of organic searches on key keywords
  • For information on accommodation units, visitors spend on the site an average of 3.5 minutes
  • About 50% of those who visit reserve the seats at the accommodation unit in Cluj directly at the reception - without the owners to pay commission or other additional fees
  • The promotion of the accommodation units is made both through the website and by and Twitter ceilings

Frequent questions
1. How can I contact you?
The easiest way to start a conversation with us is by sending us a mail at: info@
2. What are the fees of registering the property on
In order to sign up you need to register and add your accommodation. Depending on which package you choose you will receive a standard tariff plan for registration. If you have more questions about the registration process, please email us with your request at info@
3. How can I update my property information?
In order to update the details of your unit, enter the <Owners> section, fill out your access data or reset the password  and then enter <Owners panel>. If you have any difficulties, please send an email to info@
4. I own a property outside of Sibiu or its surroundings. Is there any way to register it?
If your accommodation is within 15 km of the city, it can be registered on the
. Otherwise, we can advertise your property on our network of regional and national websites. Send us an email at info
5. Is it possible for users to contact me directly?
Yes, using the contact details you have added: phone, website, direct booking email.
6. Is there any additional commission?
We do not charge any commission, the registration is solely based on an annual or monthly subscription.
7. How should I describe my accommodation unit?
The key points in presenting the property are available in the <Administration Panel>.