Address: Str. Hasdeu nr. 69, Cluj Napoca

This place is situated in the central part of student Hasdeu.

We have a restaurant with a capacity of 120 seats and the floor covered terrace with fountain and 250 people, both smokers and for nonsmokers. Central entrance offers access to the hotel reception and restaurant. Side stairs leading to the terrace which is situated in "high" offering a great view.

Villa 69 Cluj Napoca offers you an intimate atmosphere with a wide range of hotelier services.The villa is located inside the Hasdeu Student Campus in Cluj Napoca.

The warm and welcoming rooms, fully equipped will make you feel like home.Hotel personell is delighted to welcome you in a quiet and pleasant ambiance, right in the center of Cluj Napoca.

The hotel has 4 apartments and 15 rooms.The apartments have the bedroom furnished with a matrimonial bed and two of the apartments have jacuzzi.Out of the 15 rooms, 3 have matrimoniaol bed, 11 are diuble and una is triple.


Villa 69 is situated close to:

- Cultural Students
- Student Complex from
- Clinics in Cluj (street Clinics)
- Oncology Hospital
- Botanic Garden

- bathroom in the room
- TV
- wireless internet
- telephone


- indoor restaurant
- wake up at a certain hour
- bar/terrace

Single 1 9090 LEI 9090 LEI
Double 2 110110 LEI 110110 LEI
Room with 3 beds 3 165165 LEI 165165 LEI
Apartament - matrimonial 2 150150 LEI 150150 LEI
Apartament - matrimonial si jacuzzi 2 250250 LEI 250250 LEI
Breakfast 1 1010 LEI 1010 LEI
Afiseaza tarifele in: LEI USD EUR

Lake Chios in Cluj Napoca

Lake Chios in Cluj Napoca

After a walk in the park, the banks of the Chios lakeside are ideal to rest and admire the small island in its center, the wild ducks - which for years the lake is their home, or the moving boats and pedalos that slowly shine on the water.

In summer you can rent a boat or a pedal for a ride on the lake

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Karolina obelisk - monument secular Cluj Napoca

Karolina obelisk - monument secular Cluj Napoca

Karolina obelisk is the oldest secular monument of Cluj Napoca.

The obelisk is in the center of the Museum Square pedestrian zone. Surrounded by a medieval landscape, old buildings, terraces and imposing trees, the monument was erected after the visit of Emperor Francis I and Empress Augusta Carolina in the summer of 1817.

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Union square of Cluj Napoca

Union square of Cluj Napoca
The Unirii Square is located in the historical center of Cluj Napoca, being one of the old central markets of the city, charged with great history and culture. The market was renovated and made more generous pedestrian space than was originally.

Among the most important tourist attractions can be found:
- Matthias Monument
- Church of St. Michael
- Building of the old Continental Hotel
- Old City Hall building
- National Bank of Romania
- University Library
- Museum of Art and the Banffy Palace
- Old Melody Hotel

With the modernization and enlargement of pedestrian space, Union Square has become an important point of everyday events in Cluj.

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Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca, Romania

Babes-Bolyai University

Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj is one of the largest public institutions of higher education in our country. It continues the tradition of the University of Cluj created in 1919. In 1959 Romanian University of Cluj (which was called Babes) joined the Hungarian (Bolyai) and then there is the new name, Babes-Bolyai University. But it has roots in the Jesuit College from 1581. Multicultural format was preserved until today in all parts being found university with teaching in Hungarian, Romanian and German.

The multicultural character stands at the Babes-Bolyai University. There are 17 university in Hungarian languages , 10 in German and two in English. Hungarian is taught exclusively in the Faculty of Protestant Theology and Roman Catholic Theology.

Official Site:
Address: Kogalniceanu no. 1
Contact: 0264 / 40.53.00

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