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Founded in 1929 by Professor Dr. Iuliu Moldovan, Oncological Institute Cluj Napoca is one of the first medical centers of its kind in Europe. It was the first major research unit which took the main objective enrolled in the name "cancer prevention study" in a time when the very notion of prophylaxis was vaguely outlined. The building was completed in 1965 under the new director of the hospital, Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuţă. Currently, the institute provides preventive, curative and palliative care in the field of oncology, while carrying a large teaching and research activity.

Botanical Garden "Alexandru Borza" in Cluj Napoca offers on an area of ​​14 hectares one of the most popular green areas in the city. Located in the middle of town, near the old center, the Botanical Garden is a relaxing place preferred by many people because it offers tranquility and fresh air, and provides the opportunity for nature lovers to discover rare species of flora from surrounding landscape, but also exotic areas. The 5 compartments, ornamental, phytogeographic, systematic, economic and medicinal, comprising over 11,000 exhibits arranged by membership in certain cultures or after phylogenetic principles and their natural associations. Inside the Botanical Garden the Botanic Institution is operating with two components: Botanical Museum (6,910 pieces representing botanical exhibits of native plants and exotic) and herbarium (dried plant 660,000 tabs - herbarium sheets - placed in cupboards). The most important points to visit are: Japanese garden with specific plants, Roman garden which is dominated by the statue of the Roman goddess Ceres, a tower where you can climb and enjoy a superb view of the garden and the greenhouses containing a variety of exotic plants.

For those seeking accommodation in the area of National Cancer Institute and the Botanical Garden were developed accommodation that provides accommodation and services for all tastes and pockets. Also, proximity to the historic center of Cluj Napoca offers the opportunity of visiting the most important sights and monument buildings preserved in the best conditions so far.