Address: Str. Fagetului 5B - de pe Calea Turzii spre Faget
Contact: a 5 km de centrul orasului Cluj Napoca

Stil Hotel has opened its gates in February 2004 and from then until now it has been reinvented continuously through quality and innovation, through facilities that have the latest international standards, at prices more than competitive, and last but not least, through diverse services in order to fulfill the requirements of all those who visit us:

  • Free supervised parking

  • Rent a car services

  • Conference room - capacity 50 seats

Stil Hotel offers you modern accommodation, where comfort and relaxation are the keywords behind the time spent here. The hotel is divided in double rooms and suites with all the facilities you need: bathroom (bidet, shower cabin), telephone, TV, TV cable, air conditioning, mini bar and others.
Thus, the hotel welcomes kindly, both business people who travel for work, as well as tourists coming in search of unique moments in the heart of Transylvania.

For an unforgettable experience!


Stil Hotel from Cluj-Napoca is located Fagetului Street, from Calea Turzii to Faget, at 5 km from Cluj-Napoca downtown.

Services are provided promptly and with high quality so you have the greatest holiday in which nothing will miss. Thus for businessmen we have prepared a conference room with a capacity of 50 seats, equipped upon request with ultramodern equipment. Also, all guests will receive:

  • Free supervised parking

  • Room service

  • Laundry-dry cleaning

  • Fax / internet access

  • Reservation tickets / train

  • Postal service

  • Payment with credit card (Visa, MasterCard)

Availability and quality in everything!

Lake Chios in Cluj Napoca

Lake Chios in Cluj Napoca

After a walk in the park, the banks of the Chios lakeside are ideal to rest and admire the small island in its center, the wild ducks - which for years the lake is their home, or the moving boats and pedalos that slowly shine on the water.

In summer you can rent a boat or a pedal for a ride on the lake

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Square Museum

Museum Square - Cluj Napoca

The square was transformed into a pedestrian zone, where during summer terraces are opened and where they organize events, especially in the Matthias Corvinus House.
The Market has a medieval air due to its paved street and old buildings which surrounds it. Theb Museum Square represents for many a place of tranquility in the bustle of the city.

Museum Square was named after History Museum of Transylvania which is in its end.

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Central Park of Cluj Napoca

With a length of approximately 900 m, the Central Park "Simion Barnutiu" from Cluj Napoca is an important place in terms of recreation in the city.

Being located in downtown, Central Park "Simion Barnutiu" is easily identified and reachable. It is located on the edge of Somes Mic, betwen Independence street and Cardinal Julius Hossu street.

Here you will find from flowers and greenery, to:
- Paths that cross the park with benches on the sidelines,
- Statues and monuments (statues of Liviu Rebreanu and George Coşbuc)
- Floodlit basketball court and other free fitness equipments,
- A fountain surrounded by benches and access roads,
- On the Chios Lake you can make summer boating and in winter when its freez it is ideal for skating,
- On the sideline of the lake there is a restaurant, where in summer you can stay on the open terrace,
- Specially designed children's park with swings, slides and other spaces for them.

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Village Museum in Cluj Napoca

Village Museum in Cluj Napoca

The locals called it "Village Museum", the National Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" is located near one of the largest and richest forests of Cluj, Hoia, continuation that starts with Citadel Hill in downtown Cluj.

Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" in Cluj, is the first open-air ethnographic museum in Romania and the sixth in Europe, is part of the Ethnographic Museum.

The museum can be visited from Tuesday - Sunday (Monday closed) between the hours: 9.00 - 17.00 (last entry 16.00)

History of the Village Museum:

National Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" was founded in 1929 and is named after the first director and founder, Professor Romulus Vuia. Located in the Hoia forrest in Cluj-Napoca, the park is divided into two thematic areas: "Technical installations and workshops" (30 technical installations and 6 case-workshop) and "regional types of households and monuments of folk architecture" (12 households complete peasant from different ethnographic regions of Transylvania).

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