Near Cluj
Pensiunea Dia Land

Address: Suceagu 358 A, Jud. Cluj
Contact: la doar 7 km de Cluj-Napoca
Phfone: 0264 280 761
0747 123 061
Fax: 0264 280 761
Mobile phone: 0741 100 361

Pension "Dia Land" is located near Baciu forest, in a corner of nature where you will find your oasis of relaxation and charming stilull or combined with modern facilities and location which in turn guesthouse apropirea perfect place to stay in Cluj.

Located just 7 km from Cluj-Napoca on the European road out of town 81 Baciu, to Zalau our guesthouse offers customers ambience, comfort and style of a four star hostel has 19 beds in 5 rooms and 2 spacious each apartment has 2 rooms.

Downstairs clients have access to a fully equipped kitchen and dining room where you can organize parties and events and benefit from parking in the courtyard, garden with fruit trees, patio and barbeque.


Land Dia 4-star guesthouse is situated just 7 km from Cluj-Napoca on European road E 81 Baciu out of town, to Zalau, offering its customers ambience, comfort and style of a four-star hostel.

In an orchard area, near forest with trees Baciului with a very beautiful landscape ideal for a relaxing, quiet and away from the crowded city.

We are located approx. Bus Station and 7km.

Tourist spots in the area: Hoia, Baciu Forest, the Ethnographic Museum

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* Balconies board
* Rooms with private bathrooms with shower cabin
* Balconies
* Wireless Internet
* TV in every room
* Cable TV
* Parking in the yard
* Arbour
* Terrace
* Barbeque
* Mass ping - pong
* Fully equipped kitchen, made ​​available to the customer
* Lounge
* The fixed telephone and fax reception

Room with 2 beds 3 140140 LEI 140140 LEI
Double 2 110110 LEI 110110 LEI
Double Matrimonial 2 100100 LEI 100100 LEI
Breakfast 1 1515 LEI 1515 LEI
Apartament 2 rooms 4 200200 LEI 200200 LEI
Afiseaza tarifele in: LEI USD EUR

* For a longer-term accommodation customers also qualify for discounts
 ** organize parties / anniversaries

Square Mihai Viteazu

Michael the Brave Square

Michael the Brave Square held before the name of Széchenyi tér. In 1918 in was named after the Romanian ruler, and later in his honor was erected an impressive statue.

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Karolina obelisk - monument secular Cluj Napoca

Karolina obelisk - monument secular Cluj Napoca

Karolina obelisk is the oldest secular monument of Cluj Napoca.

The obelisk is in the center of the Museum Square pedestrian zone. Surrounded by a medieval landscape, old buildings, terraces and imposing trees, the monument was erected after the visit of Emperor Francis I and Empress Augusta Carolina in the summer of 1817.

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Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Cluj Napoca

Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Cluj Napoca
It is located on Avram Iancu Square at no. 18, the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is an imposing building in downtown Cluj Napoca, being surrounded by old buildings being important architecturally and historically. tThese include: building of Cluj County Council, CFR Cluj, building of Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac and Cluj, building of Finance and the Treasury of Cluj, Cluj Court building, the National Theatre with the Romanian Opera.

It was built during the years 1923-1933, by architect George Constantin Pomponiu Cristinel, joining the current Romanian style. It is one of the main religious buildings in Cluj-Napoca.

Visits are recommended between 12.00 - 18.00 because every day between 08.00 - 12.00 and 18.00 - 20.00 here are hold religious services.

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Pedestrian route through the center of Cluj

Pedestrian route through the center of Cluj

The route follows to go through the most important historic squares in downtown Cluj Napoca by step. Routing is around 2h, varies depending on how long you spend at each landmark.

Departure is from the entry of Horea street, at Michael the Brave Square, where you can enjoy two palaces on sides: ob right the Szeky Palace and the Bobas Palace on left. Forward trough the square to see the imposing statue of Michael the Brave surrounded by green space. It is also surrounded by old buildings with different architecture depending on the periods in which they were built each. In the background you can see an inevitable massive building, the Piersic Cinema. Then you continue to Avram Iancu Square, then Stefan Cel Mare Square, then Eroilor street, then Union Square, then Museum Square and then you came back to Michael the Brave.

See more information on pedestrian route "Old Markets from Cluj Center" website

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