www.CazareClujNapoca.ro brings you closer the accommodation offers near Cluj Napoca, in Apahida, Floresti or Gilau – Somesu Rece, Faget or at 15-20 km from Cluj Napoca.

 We recommend you Clasic 4 stars Pension, in a quiet area long from the Cluj Napoca’s noise.

 At the exit from Cluj Napoca, at the entrance in Floresti, you will find West City Hotel. For more details, please select Hotels web page.

If you want accommodation in a pension or in a villa, we strongly recommend you Domeniul Regilor at 15 km from Cluj Napoca. For other offers, please see: Casa Zanelor – Floresti , accommodation near Cluj – Faget- Izvor or Cluj Victoria Apahida.

Accommodation in: Floresti, near Cluj Napoca, Faget, near Cluj Napoca – accommodation in Apahida to Nokia Industrial Park, after The International Airport from Cluj Napoca.