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Cluj Napoca is one of the leading medical centers in the country. Here are several specialty hospitals, where people come for treatment of health problems. Children's Emergency Hospital Cluj Napoca, composed of 15 sections, is a prestigious unit of Romanian medicine. Since 2007 the hospital has received numerous funds for development and redevelopment, such protocols have been introduced to the most common diseases, developed by specialized teams in the fields of pediatrics, pediatric surgery, pediatric neurology, psychiatry and otolaryngology, were made the central laboratory of the hospital operating in a completely renovated space with appropriate functional circuits, emergency laboratory with permanent schedule, the virology and Immunology Unit, it was extended the emergency and surgical instruments were purchased.


Heart Institute "Nicolae Stăncioiu" is one of the most prestigious institutes from the country. Cardiology Clinic was the basis of Heart Institute, which has been developed since the 90s. Through the efforts of Professor Doctor Nicholas Stăncioiu were put up these two projects, being supported by the Rector of the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy at the time, Professor Doctor Gicu Ionescu and Mrs. Doctor Camelia Balaban, director of Cluj County Health Department. Currently, the Heart Institute has the ability to diagnose and treat invasive and noninvasive cardiology and cardiovascular surgical pathology of the entire range.



For those seeking accommodation near Children's Emergency Hospital and Heart Institute were developed accommodation, that offers proximity and tranquility, to be closer to these two important institutions in Cluj Napoca. Nearby Hotels and Pensions provide accommodation and services for all tastes and pockets. It also is near the historic center of Cluj Napoca, where you can visit the most important sights of the city and monument buildings kept in the best conditions.