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Cluj Napoca has one of the most developed transport infrastructures in Romania, covering transport, railway transport and air transport.

For those traveling by train or bus, the advantage is that these two are close one from the other, but that are very close to the center of Cluj. The Cluj Napoca railway station trains pass daily that relate to most major cities in Romania, but also cities in Europe. There is also a private company that operates several routes from Cluj Napoca station. Fany buss Beta and made available to travelers domestic routes to major cities, and external routes with daily departures to Italy, Spain, Greece, France and Germany.

From the railway station and bus station are within easy reach in the center or in areas of interest, with a well-developed connection between the most important. Through the bus stop near the railroad cross buses, trams and trolley buses that provide transportation to all districts of Cluj.

Those seeking accommodation in the area of train and bus stations have at their disposal hotels and hostels with two-and three-star, hotel offering services and accommodation for all tastes and all pockets.