Cluj Napoca International Airport area is a high-traffic area, at exit to the main cities of Dej, Targu Mures and Bistrita. It is located near the Mărăşti district, and close to the headquarters of many companies, but also by entering the bypassing of Cluj Napoca.

Cluj Napoca International Airport is one of the most important airports in the country, established on 1 April 1932 by the Romanian Ministry of Industry and Trade. It was declared international airport back in 1933 when it made its first flight out of the country, to Prague. The airport was turned into military airport during World War I, and in 1960 entered into a phase of modernization, being inaugurated a new terminal and equipped with flight security. Cluj Napoca International Airport is served by several airlines scheduled, charter and cargo flights. Regular flights are toward cities: Munich, Bucharest, Vienna, Barcelona, Forli, Bologna, London, Madrid, Bergamo, Paris, Treviso, Valencia and Zaragoza. Tunisia and Hurghada are served by charter airlines.

Accommodation near Cluj Napoca International Airport is offered by many hotels and hostels. The area is connected to the main attractions and areas of interest by bus and taxi services firms present in the city.