Address: Str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 26, Cluj - Napoca
Phfone: 0264443266
Mobile phone: +40752418021

Transylvania Hostel is a Backpacker Hostel, located in the center of Cluj Napoca near the pricipal touristical points, public institutions and the main restaurants and pubs of the city.
Our cozy hostel provides comfortable accommodation in a friendly and social atmosphere. With our self-service kitchen you can cook up a feast on a budget, and in our common room we sell cheap drinks to keep you refreshed or start off a fun night out. Our staff may even take you out to some of our favorite hotspots.

For couples and guests looking for a little more privacy we offer twin and double rooms that are set apart from the dorms. In these rooms you can enjoy the comfort and solitude of a budget hotel while still having access to all of our shared facilities for the times when you want to socialize.

We also cater to guests traveling together and small, well behaved groups. Our dorms can accommodate 4, 6, or 8 people each, and there is ample common space inside and outside for groups to gather together.


The hostel is located on the street that connect two important churches, the Orthodoxe Cathedral (the withe one) and the Catolic Cathedral (the grey one).

From the Railway Station, pass the street and take the 3 or the 4 bus number and descend at the third station at the Orthodoxe Cathedral, the white one. In front of the Cathedral s steps you can see on your left side the Iuliu Maniu Street. By bus, this will take you 15-20 minutes and the same thing by taxi.

By foot, from the Railway Station, take the Horea Street, pass the the bridge from Somes River and follow the Catholic Cathedral. In front of Matei Corvin s statue you can see on your right side the Iuliu Maniu street. You can easily recognise this street because it s starting with two buildings that are the same. Iuliu Maniu Street is also dubbed " The mirror street". By foot, the route takes you about 30 minutes.

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We offer:

Up to 56 places,
kitchen with fridge, microwave, toaster
Non-Stop reception

Room with 2 beds 2 160160 LEI 160160 LEI
Room Double 2 160160 LEI 160160 LEI
Room with 4 beds 4 7575 LEI 7575 LEI
Rooms for Groups 6 6565 LEI 6565 LEI
Rooms for Groups 8 5555 LEI 5555 LEI
Rooms for Groups 8 5555 LEI 5555 LEI
Afiseaza tarifele in: LEI USD EUR

Double Roon 2 pers. 160 RON / room
Twin Room
2 pers. 160 RON / room
4 Bed Dorm  4 pers. 75 RON / Bed
6 Bed Dorm                        6 pers.              65 RON / Bed
8 Bed Dorm 8 pers. 55 RON / Bad

Avram Iancu Monument

Avram Iancu monument Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Avram Iancu Monument is located in the center of the square with the same name. On one side and the other is the Orthodox Cathedral and National Theater "Lucian Blaga" with the Romanian Opera.

Around the statue was built a beautiful fountain which jets of water moves on melodic lines and different colors.
The sculpture which is found today in Avram Iancu Square was created by sculptor Elias Berindei.

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Union square of Cluj Napoca

Union square of Cluj Napoca
The Unirii Square is located in the historical center of Cluj Napoca, being one of the old central markets of the city, charged with great history and culture. The market was renovated and made more generous pedestrian space than was originally.

Among the most important tourist attractions can be found:
- Matthias Monument
- Church of St. Michael
- Building of the old Continental Hotel
- Old City Hall building
- National Bank of Romania
- University Library
- Museum of Art and the Banffy Palace
- Old Melody Hotel

With the modernization and enlargement of pedestrian space, Union Square has become an important point of everyday events in Cluj.

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Castle Banffy

Banffy Castle
Is located at a distance of 30 km from Cluj-Napoca, in the village Bontida. Banffy Castle is a sight you should not miss it if you visit Cluj, or in transition to Dej. It'll be here starting the direction Cluj-Dej, then turn right in town Bontida.

The field was donated, as historians say, by King Sigismund of Luxembourg to Banffy family. On the land in this area, the family mentioned above began, around 1437, the building of the house which today is proof of that time. The construction of the castle spread over a period of about 100 years and underwent significant changes over time. The palace was built by the great aristocratic family in Transylvania, Banffy family.

To visit the Banffy you have to pay a fee of 2 RON/ person.
At the entrance there is a parking space for cars.

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Village Museum in Cluj Napoca

Village Museum in Cluj Napoca

The locals called it "Village Museum", the National Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" is located near one of the largest and richest forests of Cluj, Hoia, continuation that starts with Citadel Hill in downtown Cluj.

Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" in Cluj, is the first open-air ethnographic museum in Romania and the sixth in Europe, is part of the Ethnographic Museum.

The museum can be visited from Tuesday - Sunday (Monday closed) between the hours: 9.00 - 17.00 (last entry 16.00)

History of the Village Museum:

National Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" was founded in 1929 and is named after the first director and founder, Professor Romulus Vuia. Located in the Hoia forrest in Cluj-Napoca, the park is divided into two thematic areas: "Technical installations and workshops" (30 technical installations and 6 case-workshop) and "regional types of households and monuments of folk architecture" (12 households complete peasant from different ethnographic regions of Transylvania).

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