Vila Cetatuia

Address: Str. Serpuitoare nr. 1 Cluj Napoca
Contact: Cazare Cluj Napoca - Vila Cetatuia
Phfone: 0364 107 341
Mobile phone: 0751 082 573

Cetatuia Villa offers acommodation in Cluj Napoca. It is located on Cetatuia Hill, in a quiet neighborhood with a beautiful panorama so that you can feel at home.


Cetatuia Villa is located in Cluj-Napoca in Gruia neighborhood on Cetatuia Hill at 50 m from Belvedere Hotel.
It is located near the CFR Stadium.

The recommended route:
from Turda (Bucuresti)-- Feleac--Calea Turzii (Turzii s Route)--Piata A. Iancu (The A. Iancu s Place)-- Piata M.Viteazu (The M. Viteazu s Place)--the Somes Bridge-- The Emil Racovita Street--the crossroad 7 Strazi--The Cetatuia Street--The Calaras Street-- 1, The Serpuitoare Street

Our Villa has a yard, a terace, a dining room, a bar, a parking, thermal heating.
All the rooms have bathroom, balcony, wireless
We accept pets.

Single 1 100100 LEI 100100 LEI
Double 2 110110 LEI 110110 LEI
Triple Room 3 150150 LEI 150150 LEI
Room with 4 beds 4 180180 LEI 180180 LEI
Afiseaza tarifele in: LEI USD EUR

National Theatre Cluj Napoca, Romania

National Theatre Cluj Napoca, Romania

The National Theatre Cluj is the leading theater in Transylvania and among the largest in the country. It was built between 1904-1906, its purpose being at the time to host the first theater of Cluj. The theater was inaugurated in 1906 by a representative of the Hungarian Theatre. The building was built in Baroque-Rococo style, and its capacity was one thousand and three rows of balcony seats. In 1919 the theater entered in the heritage of Roman Ruling Council. The same year he had his first show in romanian language in the building of the National Theatre in Cluj, on Romania's national day. In 1940 the theater took refuge in Timisoara, due Vienna Dictate.

There he remained until 1945, when he returned to Cluj led by Aurel Buteanu. The hall has a capacity of 928, which is designed in the style of Neo-Baroque. The Romanian Opera and the The '' Lucian Blaga '' National Theatre are hosted this time by the National Theatre building. Every two years the National Theatre Gala takes place here.

Address: No. 24 Stefan cel Mare Square
Phone: 0264592826
Official Site:

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Pedestrian route through the center of Cluj

Pedestrian route through the center of Cluj

The route follows to go through the most important historic squares in downtown Cluj Napoca by step. Routing is around 2h, varies depending on how long you spend at each landmark.

Departure is from the entry of Horea street, at Michael the Brave Square, where you can enjoy two palaces on sides: ob right the Szeky Palace and the Bobas Palace on left. Forward trough the square to see the imposing statue of Michael the Brave surrounded by green space. It is also surrounded by old buildings with different architecture depending on the periods in which they were built each. In the background you can see an inevitable massive building, the Piersic Cinema. Then you continue to Avram Iancu Square, then Stefan Cel Mare Square, then Eroilor street, then Union Square, then Museum Square and then you came back to Michael the Brave.

See more information on pedestrian route "Old Markets from Cluj Center" website

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Square Museum

Museum Square - Cluj Napoca

The square was transformed into a pedestrian zone, where during summer terraces are opened and where they organize events, especially in the Matthias Corvinus House.
The Market has a medieval air due to its paved street and old buildings which surrounds it. Theb Museum Square represents for many a place of tranquility in the bustle of the city.

Museum Square was named after History Museum of Transylvania which is in its end.

Read more about Museum Square in Cluj –

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Square Avram Iancu

Avram Iancu Square

The Avram Iancu Square is one of the most beautiful old markets of Cluj Napoca. The market is filled with history and culture, located in the center of the city.

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