Address: Str. Partizanilor Nr. 33 Cluj Napoca
Contact: Pensiunea Mioval - cazare ieftina
Phfone: 0264 - 43 58 58
07 42 70 60 77
Mobile phone: 07 26 14 75 93

Our accommodation was recently renovated increasing its capacity and the services offer.
We offer accommodation for everyone with cheap and accessible accommodation in Cluj-Napoca.
You can find us near the Rail Station, in a calm area, offering good conditions at the best prices on the Cluj-Napoca accommodation s market.
We put at your service free maps.
Bed and Breakfast (B&B)


Mioval hostel is at 10 minutes from the train station and 5 minutes from the bus, direction to Zalau City

Toward Expo Transylvania or Polus Center in 10 minutes with devious routes

As touristic attractions, near us there is the Ethnographic Museum Romulus Vuia (about 1 km).

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We offer:

- with tv in each room

- dining room,

- kitchen "self-service"

- free access to internet.

- roomservice

- bathroom in the room

Hourly booking / Accommodation: 7.00 - 23.00
Single ** 1 7070 LEI 7070 LEI
Single *** 1 9090 LEI 9090 LEI
Double ** 2 8080 LEI 8080 LEI
Double *** 2 100100 LEI 100100 LEI
Matrimonial *** 2 100100 LEI 100100 LEI
Triple Room *** 3 130130 LEI 130130 LEI
Afiseaza tarifele in: LEI USD EUR

Room 2 ** stars
-without bath in the room
Room 3 *** stars -with bath in the room

Extra bed = 15 Ron / night

Mathias Memorial House

Mathias Memorial House


Matei Corvin House in Cluj Napoca is located on the street with the same name at number 6. Located in old city center, near the Museum Square, at the crossroads: Matei Corvin, Virgil Fulicea, Sextil Puscariu.
Matei Corvin Street was transformed into a pedestrian zone, where often are organised exhibitions with objects produced by traditional Romanian and Hungarian small craftsmen.

About Matei Corvin House-Cluj Napoca

Matei Corvin House or „Mehffy House”  is a town building in the Gothic style of the fifteenth century (now University of Art and Design” Ion Andreescu “). In this house – inn of the town at that time – was born on the 23 of  February 1443, Matthias Corvinus (Matei Corvin), son of the great ruler of Transylvania, Ioan of Hunedoara. Matei Corvin was the greatest king of Hungary (1458-1490), scholar, patron of the arts, wisdom and law, is mentioned today in songs and legends. In 1467, Matei Corvin exempted the owners of the house where he was born to pay taxes to the city, this privilege is reinforced by the kings and princes that have followed.
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Avram Iancu Monument

Avram Iancu monument Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The Avram Iancu Monument is located in the center of the square with the same name. On one side and the other is the Orthodox Cathedral and National Theater "Lucian Blaga" with the Romanian Opera.

Around the statue was built a beautiful fountain which jets of water moves on melodic lines and different colors.
The sculpture which is found today in Avram Iancu Square was created by sculptor Elias Berindei.

Full article: Monument Avram Iancu –

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Central Park of Cluj Napoca

With a length of approximately 900 m, the Central Park "Simion Barnutiu" from Cluj Napoca is an important place in terms of recreation in the city.

Being located in downtown, Central Park "Simion Barnutiu" is easily identified and reachable. It is located on the edge of Somes Mic, betwen Independence street and Cardinal Julius Hossu street.

Here you will find from flowers and greenery, to:
- Paths that cross the park with benches on the sidelines,
- Statues and monuments (statues of Liviu Rebreanu and George Coşbuc)
- Floodlit basketball court and other free fitness equipments,
- A fountain surrounded by benches and access roads,
- On the Chios Lake you can make summer boating and in winter when its freez it is ideal for skating,
- On the sideline of the lake there is a restaurant, where in summer you can stay on the open terrace,
- Specially designed children's park with swings, slides and other spaces for them.

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Tailors Tower in Cluj

Tailors Tower is one of the few parts that remained standing from old fortification of Cluj Napoca.

It is located on Baba Novac Street at no. 35, at the intersection with Route Turzii, Avram Iancu street and it is visible from the Cipariu Market.

Public access is made according to the following schedule:
- Monday to Friday: 09.00 - 19.00
- From Saturday to Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00
The entrance is free. (Free)

Tailors Tower Cluj Napoca second part of the system inside the fortified city walls and fortifications built in the first half of the fifteenth century and continued until the eighteenth century.

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