Address: str. Ilie Macelaru nr. 17, Cluj Napoca
Mobile phone: 0724599431

The Boema Guesthouse in Cluj is located in downtown, the hostel offers a comfortable and quiet accommodation, three star services at affordable prices all in a warm and close primitoare.In stadion CLUJ-ARENA ,Sports Hall, the hospitals str.CLINICILOR , Hospital Cancer Institute and Clinic Inimii Spitalul children on str.Motilor maxillofacial, Inst. Agronomic and Veterinary Medicine, Rose Park, Sports Hall.


Boema Pension is located within minutes of walk to get to the following institutions and tourist attractions in Cluj:

- Institute of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine,
- Children s Hospital, Heart Institute (Motilor street)
- Oncology Hospital.
- Maxillo-Facial Surgery Clinic,
- Hospitals on Clinics street (Medicine II, Cardiology, ophthalmology, gynecology, urology, UPU)
- Students Cultural House and Botanical Garden Cluj Napoca
- Iuliu Hatieganul Park, Rose Park and Central Park Cluj Napoca
- Olympic pool


Find nearby:
- ATM s and banks (BRD,Transilvania, CEC)
- Barber-Hairdresser
- Pharmacy
- Post Office

General facilities:
- Cable TV
- Wireless internet
- Central heating
- Hot water
- Bathroom in every room
- Terrace and green space
- Grill


-Tourist information and leaflets
-Receiving and sending messages
- Receiving and sending mail
- Luggage Storage
- Newspapers
- Taxi Orders
- Coffee

- breakfast
- Air conditioning (15 lei/ day)

Single 1 100100 LEI 100100 LEI
Double 2 130130 LEI 130130 LEI
Double Matrimonial 2 130130 LEI 130130 LEI
Triple Room *** 3 160160 LEI 160160 LEI
Extra bed 1 3030 LEI 3030 LEI
Breakfast 1 1515 LEI 1515 LEI
Afiseaza tarifele in: LEI USD EUR

Prices do not include breakfast.

Optional: Air conditioning in rooms 15 lei / day

Square Museum

Museum Square - Cluj Napoca

The square was transformed into a pedestrian zone, where during summer terraces are opened and where they organize events, especially in the Matthias Corvinus House.
The Market has a medieval air due to its paved street and old buildings which surrounds it. Theb Museum Square represents for many a place of tranquility in the bustle of the city.

Museum Square was named after History Museum of Transylvania which is in its end.

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Forest Hoia in Cluj Napoca

Forest Hoia in Cluj Napoca

In Hoia Forest in Cluj are many green spaces and places where various activities take place annually and events specially designed for mountain bike trail.

The northern slope of Hoia is covered with a mixed forest of hornbeam, corn, hazelnut, wild apple, acacia, oak and so on, with many flowering meadows where regularly take place various concerts.

Hoia is known worldwide for the presence of paranormal phenomena, but they have little scientific basis studied. However, in 1968 one person photographed a UFO. The photo looks authentic, in the opinion of experts.

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Tailors Tower in Cluj

Tailors Tower is one of the few parts that remained standing from old fortification of Cluj Napoca.

It is located on Baba Novac Street at no. 35, at the intersection with Route Turzii, Avram Iancu street and it is visible from the Cipariu Market.

Public access is made according to the following schedule:
- Monday to Friday: 09.00 - 19.00
- From Saturday to Sunday: 10.00 - 18.00
The entrance is free. (Free)

Tailors Tower Cluj Napoca second part of the system inside the fortified city walls and fortifications built in the first half of the fifteenth century and continued until the eighteenth century.

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Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Cluj Napoca

Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Cluj Napoca
It is located on Avram Iancu Square at no. 18, the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral is an imposing building in downtown Cluj Napoca, being surrounded by old buildings being important architecturally and historically. tThese include: building of Cluj County Council, CFR Cluj, building of Archdiocese of Vad, Feleac and Cluj, building of Finance and the Treasury of Cluj, Cluj Court building, the National Theatre with the Romanian Opera.

It was built during the years 1923-1933, by architect George Constantin Pomponiu Cristinel, joining the current Romanian style. It is one of the main religious buildings in Cluj-Napoca.

Visits are recommended between 12.00 - 18.00 because every day between 08.00 - 12.00 and 18.00 - 20.00 here are hold religious services.

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