Settlements around Cluj Napoca offers breathtaking scenery, lakes and lots of tranquility. Floresti has seen a strong urban development due to its closeness to Cluj Napoca, currently one of the most popular metropolitan areas of Cluj. Here you can visit several monuments of great historical value as the Fetei Citadel, the bust historian and philosopher George Sincai, the Catholic Church, built in the fourteenth - century, the Tauti wooden church, built in 1822, and the St. Dimitrie Romanian Parish Church , built between 1830-1834. For those seeking accommodation on the outskirts of Cluj Napoca can opt for accommodation in Floreşti at 3 and 4 stars. Among the standard services included in the price are cable TV, wireless internet, telephone and mini bar. Also, some accommodation offers parking, barbecue and outdoor activities.


Salistea village lies on a hilly plateau, surrounded by Faget Forest. There are many traditional houses, farms, golf courses and a zoo that can be visited by every tourist. For accommodation can opt for hostels in nature, depicting rustic air of the place and offers unforgettable moments in a discreet and not crowded area.



Baciu village is located in the Hills of Cluj, on the left bank of Nadas river, near Hoia Forest. Following archaeological investigations have uncovered traces of settlements from Neolithic and Roman times. In Baciu you can visit wooden churches, manor "Bornemisza Matskássy" built in 1804 and was posted in the early seventeenth century. Accommodation is provided by accommodation units located in a corner of nature that provides a combination of new, modern and traditional. Strandard facilities are rooms with private bathrooms, wireless internet, cable TV and heating. It also offers gazebo, terrace, barbeque and outdoor activities.